Global Billing for Maternity Care

Many expecting mothers don’t realize that their visits to the doctor aren’t going to be billed the way that they have previously (one by one). Instead, maternity care is billed globally, beginning with the date of the visit where your pregnancy was verified.






Global Billing 101

Global billing is used when the same doctor or doctor’s office will be providing all of your maternity care including at least 3 visits before pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. Some patients may have many more than 3 visits before birth, depending on how high-risk their pregnancy is. Postpartum care is typically defined as a period of 56 days after a vaginal delivery and 90 days after a cesarean. Global maternity billing takes the entire deductible for the course of the pregnancy period and splits it into even payments over the course of the period. The doctor’s office that takes care of you throughout your pregnancy will submit one bill to your insurance at the end of your maternity care and submit your payments on your behalf.

What Does Global Maternity Billing Include?

Depending on your insurance, the details might vary. However, the following are
typically covered by global maternity billing:
• Prenatal visits, including medical history or physical exams
• Urinalysis to confirm the pregnancy
• Labor and delivery fees
• Evaluation of the newborn baby
• Episiotomy
• Postpartum care through 6 weeks
• Postpartum pap smear
• Placenta delivery

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