Fitness Boxing for Physical Therapy Patients

The right low impact, high intensity workout can completely transform the lives of physical therapy patients. One local class, Rock Steady Boxing, is hoping to do just that.

Rock Steady Boxing: Charm City

Rock Steady Boxing uses a compelling combination of fitness and physical therapy to treat a wide range of clients with movement disorders. Physical therapy clients respond differently when focusing on the traditional elements of boxing—rotational movement patterns, speed, endurance, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, agility and footwork. The Charm City chapter of Rock Steady Boxing was founded by Patty Wessels to help treat those with Parkinson’s Disease.

In addition to their classes specifically for those with movement disorders, Rock Steady Boxing Charm City is also adding fitness boxing classes to their line-up. Boxing is an awesome form of aerobic exercise that can be both low impact and high intensity. This allows you to receive a phenomenal workout without putting excess strain on your joints.

High Impact vs. Low Impact

High impact exercises are those where your body is making continuous contact with the ground, like running, jogging, jumping or other active workouts. Low impact exercises are those where at least one foot stays in on the ground, like walking, riding a bike or boxing. High impact exercises typically put an increased amount of stress on your joints including your knees, hips, back or ankles. As a result, low impact exercise is the best option for those dealing with movement disorders.

High Intensity vs. Low Intensity

Intensity, in the world of exercise, is used to refer to how hard you are working. Intensity also refers to how intense your concentration is and how high your heart rate can climb. Boxing is definitely a high intensity workout, which is part of why it is so effective for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Your body will experience a great workout without doing excess harm to your joints. Other low impact and high intensity workouts include dancing, power walking and swimming.

Get Local with Rock Steady Boxing Charm City

Through her a passion for movement and dedication to the Baltimore community, Head Coach, Patty Wessels developed a plan to open a boxing gym for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease, in cooperation with Mind Body Physical Therapy. There is now a gym that functions solely as a boxing space at the Mind Body office, located at Coppermine Fieldhouse. Patty couldn’t be more thrilled to bring Rock Steady Boxing to Charm City!

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